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Whatever currency you are looking to exchange, it’s not just about getting the lowest exchange rate possible. It’s easy to get blinded by wanting the best rate and not so easy to understand if you are actually getting a good deal. We put a stop to hidden fees by adding transparency to your everyday money transfers.

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In just 15 minutes, WhichFX will take the hassle out of exchanging your money and provide you with a quotation valid for 30 days. WhichFX are not about hidden fees and sales jargon; we simply provide a service where the brokers fight for your business, leaving them in a bidding war driving the costs down for you.

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The market is filled with ‘no hidden fees’ and ‘no commission’ statements but the reality is that there is no such thing. We will find you the lowest cost for your exchange, tell you exactly what you’re being charged and lock it in for 30 days. So what’s the difference? Simply put, the spread is a difference between the buying and selling price. What we do is find the broker who has the smallest margin on the spread for you.

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