We don’t just compare Forex brokers,
we put them in competition with each other

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Why compare Forex brokers?

WhichFX helps your business save money the only true way, by comparing the spread, not the exchange rate, which can be misleading and include hidden costs.

By helping your business quickly and easily compare what the best Forex brokers can offer, WhichFX can help your small business find FX rates close to the current Interbank rates.

Beat the brokers with WhichFXManage international business payments with WhichFX

No one should have an advantage in the FX market. That’s why we get the brokers to compete for your business, putting the control back in your hands so that your business gets their best deal.

Our comparison and bidding method helps businesses that depend on regular FX transactions save up to 96% off traditional fees. Working directly with the best FX brokers, WhichFX not only compares their offerings but also has them compete for each and every transaction.

We do this by discreetly sending your quote to the best brokers’ live desks, comparing their offers, and then sending you the best deal, all within 15 minutes.

There are no hidden fees, no sales jargon and we provide a 30-day fixed quotation. WhichFX empowers SMEs to take control of their forex by comparing their best options.

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The market is filled with ‘no hidden fees’ and ‘no commission’ statements but the reality is that there is no such thing. We will find you the lowest cost for your exchange, tell you exactly what you’re being charged and lock it in for 30 days. So what’s the difference? Simply put, the spread is a difference between the buying and selling price. What we do is find the broker who has the smallest margin on the spread for you.

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